Avoid overstretch on smaller side of door handle

When wrapping a door handle with vinyl wrap film, it is easy to overstretch the material on the small part of the handle, although the same method can work fine on the bigger section. Here are some tips for you to avoid this frustration:


The small part of the door handle is very short. Thus, it is easy to build up tension on your vinyl wrap film. To avoid this from happening, you should apply a combining set of methods, including the triangle technique, cold pre-stretch, and relief cut.


The cold pre-stretch technique is commonly used for the front side of the door handle (the bigger part), where you would hook the front area with the vinyl wrap film and pull it towards the backside (usually stretch about 10%).


But even if you pull hard, the stretch will eventually go down to four to five percent when the film reaches the back of the handle. There is minimum tension and not much failure point on this section of the handle.


However, it is different for the small part of the door handle. The stretch can not go down to four or five percent because it is too short, and there is tension.


Thus, you should stretch the material for about a fifth less than you would do to the bigger part. Doing this can keep the tension from building up on the small part of the handle.


Then, you can use the cold pre-stretch technique and relief cut to minimize the tension on the surface. Instead of pulling hard there, shimmy the material to create glass at the top of the handle with minimum tension.


Tension will shift to the front section of the handle by now. A good relief cut can save you from this trouble. Use the triangle technique to shift the material back. The tension will then go towards the upper section corner.


By now, there is still tension at the bottom corner. Use the triangle technique again to shift the material away. Then, use the hard part of your squeegee to even out the wrinkles.


After all these, you can apply heat and let the material shrink. Then, take the tension right to the edge. If there is still tension, heat the material again and minimize it.


Heat can help the adhesive flow, and thus, it can significantly improve the durability of the material. With all the proper approaches, the vinyl wrap film can stay on the surface well once the job is done.


When the film cools down, sharpen your blade, cut away the excess material as usual, and seal the edge. You will then have a perfectly wrapped door handle. Learn more at teckwrap.com

Avoid overstretch on smaller side of door handle