Achieve Full Coverage on Breaks with Vinyl Wrap Film


When wrapping a vehicle with color change film, especially one in a light color (e.g. a white car), wrapping as far as you can on a break is the best way to make sure that you can achieve a fully covered paint-like finish.


However, there are risks if you do it with common methods like feeding the vinyl wrap film into the gap then cut on the body, which can be challenging. There is a quick and simple technique that can help you avoid all those hassles though.


All you need to do is to create an outline with knifeless tape on the outside of the section that you are wrapping. Run it around half an inch away from the break, so you can create a gap between the line and the break itself. And cut the knifeless tape exactly on the edge.


Then put masking tape over this gap and the break to lower the surface energy, which will particularly help you if you are wrapping with an aggressive type of vinyl wrap film.


Once all these are set, you can now apply the material onto the surface. And release the knifeless tape (Do not remove the green tape yet). By now, you would have half an inch extra material to wrap with.


With the help of the tape, you can easily pick up the extra material, glide off the vinyl wrap film to the break with your squeegee, and wrap much farther inside, without having to risk stretching and tearing it, which can happen if you use common method to do it.


When the wrapping is done and the edge is sealed, you will achieve a seamless paint-like full coverage. Enjoy the happy result!

Achieve Full Coverage on Breaks with Vinyl Wrap Film