ZCON: Enjoy the Feast of Auto Culture with TeckWrap

Last weekend, the first ZCON opened grandly at the International Expo Center in Xiamen, China. This event, known as the Chinese version of South by Southwest (SXSW), targets Generation Z, brings together many trendy elements, and sets up a three-day interactive stage for young users from December 15th to 17th.


ZCON is a feast for fashionistas, attracting young people from all over China to participate. Here they share their trendy attitudes and showcase their creativity and talents.


Satin chrome car wrap


The auto culture display area in Hall 1 was one of the hottest sections of the event. Nearly 60 modified and customized cars were exhibited, including many works presented by TeckWrap in collaboration with DarwinPro and bbr, a local car wrap shop in Xiamen. The customization themes cover film and television, animation, nostalgia, and classics. Each design is unique and head-turning.


Car wrap for Lamborghini


Printable car wrap


Car customized design


In this feast, participants can see and even drive cars of various brands and models in person, including luxury cars, sports cars, and SUVs. Paired with distinctive customized modification designs, these cars with excellent performance bring ultimate fun and pleasure to experiencers. Whether you are an ordinary car owner or a car fanatic, you can get a thorough sublimation in this process.


Car wrap for Porsche


Vinyl wrap film design


Yellow car wrap


In addition to display and experience, ZCON provides an excellent communication platform for car enthusiasts. They can attend relevant technical seminars in the exhibition area, learn about the latest technology and development trends, exchange ideas and experiences with each other, and talk about the future of cars.


Two-tone car design


As one of the pioneers in the field, TeckWrap has presented car modification enthusiasts with multiple possibilities for personalization through a variety of new color-changing films and printable films. At the same time, we also shared the technology and knowledge about vinyl wraps with participants, pushing forward the industry in China.


Grey car wrap 


Styling car design


Printable car wrap film


ZCON is a milestone in promoting the auto culture. It is expected that more and more people will appreciate the charm of auto modification and customization, and express themselves in this way.

ZCON: Enjoy the Feast of Auto Culture with TeckWrap