TeckWrap Introduces 5 Bold New Vinyl Wrap Colors


New colors are available in Gloss Metallic, Satin Metallic, and Gloss Aluminum finishes

At TeckWrap, we understand the power of finding the right color or style for your vehicle, and we’ve made it easy for you create your dream car.  We’re committed to delivering affordable, high-quality vinyl wrap in a variety of colors, finishes, and materials, and we’re always expanding our product offering to meet your ever-changing needs.  In our latest launch, we’ve released 5 bold, new colors sure to make your car stand out from the pack.

New colors in Gloss Metallic – Fierce Red, Columbia Blue

Our Gloss Metallic vinyl wrap [RB01-RB12] is now available in Fierce Red, and Gloss Metallic [RB13-RB25] now comes in Columbia Blue.

Our Gloss Metallic vinyl wrap has a smooth, high-gloss finish and is crafted from high-grade polymeric multilayered calendared vinyl film, complete with air release channels.  Gloss Metallic wrap is durable and has good conformability; it’s stretchable enough to wrap around every edge and recessed area of your vehicle with ease.  Gloss Metallic also uses a safe solvent polyacrylate adhesive, which is easy to install and gentle on car paint.

Gloss Metallic [RB01-RB12 & RB13-RB25] is also available in other rich hues like Acid Lime, Coral Peach, and Kelly green.

New hues in Gloss Aluminum – True Blood, Space Blue

Pick up our Gloss Aluminum vinyl wrap [GAL01-GAL13] in the all-new, daring True Blood, and our Gloss Aluminum [GAL14-GAL29] in the icy, fresh Space Blue.

Like our Gloss Metallic options, applying Gloss Aluminum is seamless and provides the perfect finish.  We use quality paper to ensure the most efficient use of adhesive and material during the storage and transportation phases, and TeckWrap vinyl wrap is durable in the face of high temperatures.

Gloss Aluminum also comes in more dynamic colors like Paprika Orange and Leaf Green, and the GAL14-GAL29 comes in a wide variety of colors including Aztec Gold and Supreme Red.

Satin Metallic vinyl wrap now available in Matte Coal Black

Our Satin Metallic vinyl wrap [MT01-MT05] is available in the sleek, classic Matte Coal Black.

TeckWrap’s Satin Metallic vinyl wrap has a thickness of 95 microns as well as all the qualities you’ve come to expect from our products, including a super distinctive finish, good conformability, durability, safe adhesive, and it’s stretchable enough to cover your entire vehicle or even other smooth or curved surfaces.

Satin Metallic also comes in a few other classic colors like Matte Cornflower Blue and Matte Beige Linen.

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TeckWrap Introduces 5 Bold New Vinyl Wrap Colors