Properties of TeckWrap Color Shift Vinyl

Color shift vinyl wrap film shows various colors in one finish from different angles or with different lights. It is wild enough to express your personality fully. But beauty does require effort to achieve. Learn the properties well to get a perfect finish quickly.


The TeckWrap color shift car wrap is made of high-grade hybrid calendered self-adhesive film, which has air regress and self-healing features, making the installation process manageable.


Initial tack

As calendared material, there is initial tension in a TeckWrap color shift vinyl film. To smoothen your installing process, you can apply low tack solutions like Tripple S to the flat surface. Don't forget to dry out before applying the material though. 


Air regress

When applying, you can even squeegee the vehicle wrap onto the surface quickly without having to hold the material because of its air regress feature, which greatly ease the process. Also, because of this technology, when a bubble occurs, you can simply remove it by pressing your finger on it.



Color shift vinyl film is directional. For this series of TeckWrap products, the wraps come with a transparent liner with printed logos. Thus, installers can use the logo as a reference to keep all panels in the same direction and ensure a uniform finish.



Because TeckWrap color shift car wraps have a high gloss finish, they can be sensitive to scratches. It is recommended to spray your buffer with a slip solution so that it can glide across the film surface without scratching it.


Alternatively, you can go over the finish with a heat gun when finishing installing. Let the vinyl film self-heal the scratches with heat.



To prolong the lifespan of a vinyl wrap film, it is recommended to apply ceramic coating to the material for extra protection. However, please note that the ceramic coating might affect the hue of the car wrap, making it darker or lighter, depending on the material you use. (Click here to learn more)


These are a few basic yet critical facts about TeckWrap color shift vinyl film. You can learn more about it through our video courses. In the meantime, numerous new color shift finishes are available for purchase. Take your pick now for a stylish ride at


Properties of TeckWrap Color Shift Vinyl