Vinyl craft: General tips for cutting|TeckWrap

For vinyl installation, cutting is a must-learn technique. It is also a skillful job and can determine whether you can achieve a perfect paint-like finish, which is the ultimate goal for every wrapper. Here is a list of things you should pay attention to when proceeding with your knife. If you can bear them in mind, you have a significant step closer to success.



Sharpening your blade is a must before handling a wrap film, as this can guarantee a clean cut. But this is not enough because if the vinyl accidentally shifts during the process, it will ruin your cut. Thus, as important as sharpening, you should also run your finger across the material that you will cut and secure it.


Choose the right knife

When cutting the vinyl, it is best to use a plastic knife rather than a metal one because the latter can scratch the paint easily. To avoid this, you will have to extend your blade. And it is hard to hold the knife stably in this way. You might accidentally cut too deep into the material and damage the paint. Thus, a plastic knife is the safest choice.


Hold it correctly

There are two typical tips in terms of how you can hold your knife properly. The first one is to make it parallel to the side when you cut the wrap on the edges, and there is no way you will damage the surface. The second one is to use a shallow blade, which helps you go firmly with no risk. Also, make sure you hold your knife at a consistent angle.


These are some of the little but crucial things you should keep in mind during a vinyl cutting process. Make them your habit and craft perfection with no stress.

Vinyl craft: General tips for cutting|TeckWrap