Three important steps you should do after vinyl film wrapping

You can never call it a “wrap up” just because you have finished wrapping a car from top to bottom with vinyl wrap film. There are three more things to do before you leave the vehicle. These three steps are the key to keep the finish staying durable in a high-quality.


Seal the easily polluted edges

The area near the wheels and the bottom part of the bumper tend to be contaminated, as dirt and moisture can easily get underneath over time. This will affect the long-term durability of the material.


Thus, when you finish wrapping, you can put an edge seal tape on those edges to give them extra protection. Stick half of it on the edge of the wrap, the other half of it on the paint. Then, run it with your finger and add heat simultaneously to seal it down tight.



It is hard to avoid stretching the vinyl wrap film during the application. Once stretched, there are chances that the material will bounce back over time. That is why it is crucial to post-heat the material after your wrapping.


If you skip this step or did not do it properly, the memory of the vinyl wrap film will stay. The material will jump back sooner or later, which can ruin your finish (You can check out our previous article Make the best of post-heat for better vinyl wrapping result, and learn the perfect way to do it).



Last but not least, spray relevant aftercare products on the vinyl wrap film and wipe it over, which can clean up the wrap and put a protecting coat on it. The protection will keep the material from exposure to contaminations like pollution or acid rain and prolong its life.


Do these three things, and you will not need to worry about the quality and durability of the finish, as it can surely stay perfect for the long-term with the help of them. Visit to get more aftercare tips for vinyl wrap film.

Three important steps you should do after vinyl film wrapping