Remove back lights for easier vinyl wrapping

Usually, when wrapping a car with vinyl wrap film, it would make the whole process much easier if you remove the hardware. You will then be able to wrap much farther inside and have a promising full coverage.


Here are some instructions in terms of how to take off different types of rear lights of a vehicle (You can also check out and find more information about removing other hardware):


In most cases, rear lights are held on by two screws or bolts, as well as some safety clips inside. As soon as you can find the access point, it will be a piece of case to take the lights off.


Standard case

Most of the time, the access point for those screws or bolts are on the inside of the trunk. You can loosen them with relevant tools, and use a plastic removal tool to pry the lights off from the outside, which can prevent you from breaking the clips.


Pull off the light as you disconnect the wire. But just make sure you pull carefully as you remove the rear lights because the pegs for the bolts are sharp, you might accidentally scratch the body of the vehicle.


Finish the job on the outside

If you are wrapping a cargo van with vinyl wrap film, things become even more straight-forward, as you can find the access point on the outside of the light. To be safer, once you loosen those screws, you can put masking tape on top of the holes without taking them out, which can help you keep them safely until you finish the job.


Look for a small door

For some hatchback, if you want to remove the rear lights, you will really have to open the back door and look inside. You might then be able to find a small door, where the access point for the screws or bolts is hidden behind a panel there.


Remove the inside panel

In rare cases, the access point is hidden behind the inside panel of the trunk. Thus, you will have to remove enough of it to reach the screws or bolts for the rear light. Usually, the electrical connector is also hidden behind there. So you can disconnect it in the same time.


Once the rear lights are off, you can wrap the back area with vinyl wrap film with no stress. The area around the lights can be wrapped much farther, and look cleaner when it is done. But do not forget to double check if the lights work properly when you put them back. Happy wrapping.
Remove back lights for easier vinyl wrapping