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When the stripe on your Mini Cooper gets old, it is time to make something different. Take a piece of vinyl wrap film, and refresh it to make a different style using a different type of material or color. This is nothing tricky to do as long as you follow the proper work sequence and every step.


Clean the surface

Cleaning is always crucial for every installation, whether it is a big project or not. Clean up the hood of your Mini Cooper thoroughly before the application, which can help the vehicle wrap stay on the surface better and remain in its best status.


Prep with Knifeless tape

Carefully run Knifeless tape along the old stripes on the hood. Make sure you leave enough tape on the outside so you can pull easily later. Lightly tack the knifeless tape when it is in place, so it is secured on the surface.


Start wrapping

Once the Knifeless tape is ready, you can apply vinyl wrap film to the hood. Put the material to the surface and incrementally roll off the backing paper. Use squeegee strokes from top to bottom to lock the material during the process, especially for the film on top of the Knifeless tape. Pick the film back up to flatten it out when needed.


Release the Knifeless tape

Once the vinyl is set, run your finger along the Knifeless tape again. And you can then release the Knifeless tape. When pulling the tape off, make sure you do it as flat to the surface as possible to avoid jagged cuts.


As soon as the tape is off, remove the excess material and seal the edge. As for the vertical sides near the windshield and front bumper, cut on the edges to take off the excess. Make sure you sharpen your blade beforehand to ensure a clean cut.


You will have a total renewal with your Mini Cooper when everything is done. Learn more about wraps at

Refresh vinyl stripe on Mini Cooper | TeckWrap