Read this before applying chrome vinyl wrap film

There are plenty of vinyl wrap films in the market, and chrome is a special one among them. Many people favor it because of its unique appearance. But chrome film is special for particular reasons. It is best to understand its properties to achieve a perfect chrome finish.



Chrome vinyl wrap film is multi-layered, mostly about five to eight millimeters thick. It usually comes without a lamination layer because it is already thick enough. To apply a chrome wrap properly, you need to approach it correctly. Otherwise, the material will get distorted or even damaged.


Sensitive surface

Chrome vinyl wrap film has a sensitive surface, and it needs extra attention when approaching it. When squeegeeing, use a soft squeegee with a new and wet buffer. Do NOT use a dry buffer because it can create micro-scratches on the surface.


Also, do not hold your squeegee at a high angle when working on the surface, or it will scratch as well. To be safer, you can apply an overlaminate on top of the material before installation to avoid scratches that can occur easily during the application.


No self-heal

Unlike most regular vinyl wrap films in the market, chrome film does not self-heal if wrinkles occur. When it happens, pick the material up and apply heat, which will trigger the memory. Heat it thoroughly because it is multi-layered and thick.


(Remember not to use a propane torch when heating because it will make the material difficult to get adequately stretched).


Heat is a great help

Heat will help you conform a chrome wrap to curves and recessed areas more easily. But remember, when heating, heat it thoroughly. And when stretching, do it evenly. Make sure you do not overstretch a chrome film because the multi-layers will shift and not connect anymore. As a result, the finish will turn up with a “ghost effect”.


Easy to tear

When making relief cuts, make sure you do not do it in a standard way because chrome film is easy to tear. Making an enclosed relief cut can help you avoid splitting when removing the excess.


More efforts on post-heating

To post-heat a chrome finish, you need to apply heat to more areas compared to handling a regular vinyl wrap film. Pay extra attention to all the edges and wherever the material is stretched nearly 10%.


Have you got all the crucial knowledge about chrome wrap? Bear them in mind, and you should be able to deal with a chrome film with no stress. Learn more to wrap with confidence at
Read this before applying chrome vinyl wrap film