Perfect cut for vinyl wrapping when in hot climate

Climate control is important for vinyl wrap film wrapping, because the temperature can affect not only the install but also the final production.


But there might be times you have to work in a hot climate, and there is no way you can lower down the temperature. It usually takes an installer a longer time than usual to wrap a vehicle in a hot temperature workspace. Also, a vinyl wrap film becomes easier to get overstretched under this circumstance.


Perhaps even worse – if not worst, the vinyl wrap film becomes aggressive in a workspace like this. When you have to make cuts in a recessed area where there are curves, even if you have sharpened your blade, your cuts can turn out to be uneven and jagged.


If the temperature is not controllable, is there any way to avoid this kind of problem? Perhaps the best solution is to start from the wrap. Get a freeze spray ready, which can usually be purchased in a hardware store.


A freeze spray can cool down the temperature of the film quickly. It gives you two minutes or so to finish up your cuts – depending on how hot your workspace is.


After you put the panel onto the surface, you can give it a shot with the freeze spray to cool down the temperature of the film. And you can make your cuts safely, then work the material around with no stress.


So remember to maintain the climate control of your workspace if you can. When you cannot, try to prevent potential problems from the vinyl wrap film.


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Perfect cut for vinyl wrapping when in hot climate