How to Be Sure Not to Overstretch Vinyl Wrap Film?


It might happen from time to time that you realize a piece of vinyl wrap film is not long enough to cover up the section that you are wrapping. The last thing you want to do in this case is to get another piece and make it up. But what else can you do? It will undoubtedly be a nightmare if you have to take another panel and start again.


The quickest solution for this situation is to stretch the vinyl wrap film. However, it has to be done properly. Otherwise, you will overstretch and distort the material. Overstretching will not only affect the appearance of the film (specifically if you are wrapping with a directional or textured film), but also lower its quality and durability, as the material might bounce back over time.


For most vinyl wrap films, it is recommended to be stretched under 15% so that it can stay in shape. But it might be tricky to tell how much to stretch before reaching 15%. Here is a golden rule for you regarding this question: Stretch from a point that is far away from the edge you have to reach. The farther away you start to pull the film, the less chance you will distort the material - In other words, the better.


Practically, you can use one hand to pick the material back up to a point that is far away from the edge, and use the other hand to heat it with your heat gun. Do it thoroughly and evenly. Using heat can help relax the film. Once it is done, you can then slowly and lightly pull the material. Stretch it just to the edge, which will keep you from overstretching the film.


As soon as the section is fully covered, you can then work as normal, squeegee down the material, cut away the excess material, and seal the edge. By doing this, the film can stay for the long term with high quality without jumping over time, as it is properly applied. For more wrap tips, visit

How to Be Sure Not to Overstretch Vinyl Wrap Film?