Hood wrapping with vinyl: Which direction?|TeckWrap

Today, many of the most popular types of vinyl wrap are directional films, including gloss and matte metallic, satin, and carbon fiber wraps. When wrapping with this kind of material, it is essential to keep the direction of the finish uniform.


Every installer knows to keep track of the film’s direction through the logo on the liner or mark with arrows as an indicator on the backing paper themselves to ensure nothing goes wrong.


But when wrapping a hood, roof, or trunk, the situation can become a bit complicated. In fact, any of those sections that sit on top in the middle rather than the two sides can make this difficult.


Take a hood as an example. Let’s say you have wrapped the left and right fenders, with both facing up in terms of directions. In this case, you will have to apply the vehicle wrap to the bumpers in the same direction as well. But what about the hood?


If you apply the wrap film horizontally, the color and hue will look different. If you do it vertically, at least it will match the direction of either the left or the right side.


When wrapping a hood that is wider than the roll, you can probably only do it horizontally, where the film will not match the direction of either side. But then, it will be easy for you to consistently keep the pieces on the hood, roof, and trunk in the same direction. Thus, the finish is uniform in another way.


If the hood is not wider than the roll, you can then do it vertically and match it with at least one side. But either way, the hood (or the roof, the trunk) will never perfectly fit both sides.


It is best to think ahead and have a clear mind about what you expect. Once you have the idea, it will not be that hard to figure this question out. For more wrap tips, visit teckwrap.com

Hood wrapping with vinyl: Which direction?|TeckWrap