Install Guide

Along with the consistent growth of the vinyl film market, new materials and technologies continue to update and adapt to the change, which explains the importance of continuous education in this field.

Why keep learning?
A standard install method might not be suitable for the innovative, fresh products because it was designed for vehicle wraps that are rather classic and old-fashioned.

From another perspective, new techniques can be developed, particularly for traditional materials as time passes. They might be tricky to work with in the past. And now better skills are aiming to help you solve the problems and wrap with ease.

In any case, it is essential to keep learning and follow the proper instruction when wrapping a car.

What does our guide offer?
TeckWrap has prepared a list of instructions for different types of materials and continuously updates them while the industry develops. As a critical troubleshooter, those documents will lead you to solutions to challenges during application.

In the TeckWrap install guide, you will find:


  • range of applications recommended for different vinyl films,
  • key stages you should go through when installing,
  • and the recommended application tools you can use.

The guide will lead you through the proper work sequence of applying a car wrap in details step by step until you achieve a gorgeous finish. Check (click the link) and learn accordingly. And claim your success in a high-quality wrap job with no stress.