Display set 2023


2 vinyl displays with samples and 4 vertical posters.

Sample details:

DS03M Silver Sunset Matte
ECH02 Gunsmoke Grey
ECH15 Navy Black
ECH16 Hornet Yellow
ECH17 Bond Gold
ECH21 Dark Platinum
HM01 Dark grey silk
HM07 Green Black Silk
HM09 Greenfinch Gold

RD17-M Madeira Red Matte
SCM01-R Deep black
SCM23-R Lizard Grey
SCM47-R Granite Grey
SMT01 Mineral Grey
SMT02 Burnt Maroon
SMT03 Venetian Violet
SMT04 Boysenberry Black
SMT05 Green Mantle
SMT06 Apollo Grey

SMT07 Rasant Blue
SMT08 Admiral Blue
SMT09 Onyx Grey
SMT10 Solar Orange
SMT11 Surf Blue
SMT12 Paradise Green
SMT13 Pine Green
SMT14 Lawn Green
SMT15 Flame red
SMT16 Jewel Green

SMT17 Copper Orange
SMT18 Oxide Red
SMT19 Regent Green
VCH401-S Crimson Red
VCH403-S Concord Grape
VCH404-S Hot Pink
VCH405-S Emerald green
VCH408-S Golden Yellow
VCH412-S yellow lime
VCH414-S Rose Gold
VCH416-S Violet Purple

CHM03-HD Rose Gold
CHM17-HD Light Blue
MCH01 Purple blue aquamarine
MCH08 Frozen Berry
GAL01R-HD True Blood
GAL02-HD Blue gem
GAL06-HD Paprika orange
GAL19-HD Royal blue
GAL30-HD Velvet Red
CG12-HD Sunflower yellow
CG16-HD Slate Grey
CG22-HD China blue
CG23-HD Mossy green
CG24-HD Lava Orange
CG25-HD Chelsea Rose
CG27-HD True Nardo Grey
CG28-HD Yacht blue
CG38-HD British Racing Green
CG40-HD Tangerine Orange
CG42-HD Grape Green
CG44-HD Sunray Yellow
CG48-HD Spanish Lavender
CG49-HD Berry Red
CK801-HD Diamond White
CK202-HD Ebony Sparkle
RD11-HD Rainbow Vortex
RD12-HD Honey Lime
RB07-HD Acid Lime
RB08-HD Coral Peach
RB19-HD Deep Orange
RB22-HD Kelly Green
RB25-HD Golden Yellow
HM07-HD Gloss Green black silk
HM12-HD Sonoma green
HM14-HD Sherwood green
HM16-HD Antique Green
RCH01-HD Silver fireworks
DS03-HD Silver Sunset
DS05-HD Wild Heather

Size: 60 X 90cm


Thickness: 7mm

Free shipping. For wrap shops only.


Spliced rolls may be shipped from U.S. and overseas warehouses if full 59ft rolls are unavailable. An additional 2 yards of material is added to offset any potential loss in such cases. The product has an information sticker, and spliced rolls are marked with a sticky tab. All spliced rolls are authentic (of the same batch and color), defect-free, and adhere to strict quality standards.

How Much Wrap Do I Need?

Motorcycles 10-16 feet (3-5 meters)
Mini, small cars 42-45 feet (13-14 meters)
Convertible 49-52 feet (15-16 meters)
Coupe 55-59 feet (17-18 meters)
Sedan 55-59 feet (17-18 meters)
Hatchback 52-55 feet (16-17 meters)
Sports Car 52-55 feet (16-17 meters)
Station Wagon 59-65 feet (18-20 meters)
Sport-utility Vehicle (SUV) 55-63 feet (17-19 meters)
Minivan 65-80 feet (20-24 meters)
Pickup Truck 72-92 feet (22-28 meters)

Keep in mind that you may need extra material for repairs.
Therefore we recommend adding 6-9 feet (2-3 meters) to your measurements to avoid additional shipping expenses.

To achieve a perfect finish

  • We recommend using a tack reducer for flat panels.
  • Installation by at least two people/panel
  • Don't heat up to the line where the film is lifted to prevent adhesive lines.
  • Apply max 50 degrees of heat when stretching to prevent fading and marks.
  • Apply soap and water over the squeegee felt to avoid scratches.
  • Relax the film (heat and let it cool down) before applying it to a recess
  • Apply adhesive promoter on deep recesses
  • Post-heat a vinyl film to a recommended temperature

Delivery terms

The order processing time is 24 hours. We ship on working days (Monday-Friday) and provide tracking numbers within 48 hours from the order time.
The orders are shipped with FedEx, UPS and DHL. The average days to Delivery by Carrier: FedEx International 7-8 days, UPS International 6-8 days, UPS Domestic 2-3 days and DHL 7 days.

For US and Canada customers - Free domestic shipping is available from local warehouses on full 18-meter (59 ft, 19 yds) rolls. Please reach your sales manager for details.



The images, colors, and finishes on screen are approximate. For the real representation of the product always check the color swatches. Rolls from the same production LOT number should be used for completing a wrap job as a slight batch to batch variation of color may occur.