Tokyo Auto Salon Kuala Lumpur 2023: Wrap for the emerging market

Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) Kuala Lumpur (KL) 2023 is the first satellite event of the TAS in Malaysia, which was held from June 9 to 11. 


TeckWrap at Tokyo Auto Salon KL 2023(Photo credit: divide.px)


It is modelled after TAS, one of the largest and most prestigious car shows in Japan, which showcases the latest and most innovative products and services from vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket accessories and performance parts companies.


TeckWrap purple flame color shift car wrap (Photo credit: divide.px)


Malaysia has been an emerging market in the industry for years. Seizing the great opportunity to grow, TeckWrap has developed its distribution network in this region long ago.

 TeckWrap Malaysia
The regional TeckWrap team


According to research, the Automotive Aftermarket Service Market in this country is expected to reach about USD 6.8 billion in Revenue by 2025 (Source: Ken Research). This is one of the reasons why the 40-year-history renowned event extends its branch here. And undoubtedly, it is a super event for us to shine. Where there are car aficionados, there is TeckWrap!


Stylish car wrap


With intense excitement, TeckWrap has brought several cool designs created with our new and hot colors for the event. Let’s have a thrilling throwback!


Yellow lamborghini 

Yellow gloss car wrap

Color shift car wrap

Lime green car wrap

Gloss metallic vinyl wrap

Blue car wrap

Auto styling

Blue GTR

Trendy car wrap

Lime vinyl film

Hot car wrap


Stay tuned for more trendy finishes designed with the gorgeous TeckWrap colors. If you are based in Malaysia and the neighboring regions, feel free to talk with the regional representatives about your ideas, and let’s bring it to life!
Tokyo Auto Salon Kuala Lumpur 2023: Wrap for the emerging market