Wrapping up fuel cap with steep angles

When coming across a fuel cap with a raised object, some installers might neglect this tiny spot when wrapping the section with vinyl wrap film.


This raised object is used as a handle to help open the gas tank easily, and it creates a steep recessed area on the side of the gas tank with a deep break. If you did not handle it correctly, the vinyl wrap film around this area would bounce back as time passes by.


As some wrappers tend to underestimate this small area, they often try to bridge the vinyl wrap film over the section, and push the material to this raised area. Therefore, all the tension will end up gathering in that spot. If you dealt with this recessed area like this, it is very likely that the film will pop up, which is only a matter of time.


Here are two for you to work around this area correctly:


Wrapping in one piece

Apply the vinyl wrap film to the section as usual. Use the triangle technique to work the film to the steep angle first. And use your squeegee to shift the tension out to the flat area. When the film is settled, add a little bit of heat with your heat gun to relax the material around.


Then, cut the outside of the fuel cap, and seal all the edges. Last but not least, do not forget to post-heat the raised handle because there still can be some tension.


Wrapping in two pieces

The second method is to use an overlay piece on that recessed area. Clean the section thoroughly before proceeding with the application. Use a Trim line or Knifeless tape to create an outline around the raised handle on the break of the recessed area. Be patient as you do it, and make sure the tape is forming around evenly and symmetrically. Cut off the excess tape when you finish.


Apply the vinyl wrap film to the section. You can work the film around as usual, bridging it and pushing the material to the raised handle - which will normally fail as the tension will be building up there. Still, because you will make a cut for the overlay, the tension will be shifted away. Take your time to work the film around and make sure there is no wrinkle before you cut.


As soon as the film is properly set in place, cut the outside of the gas tank. And squeegee around the raised handle so you can make sure where the trim line tape lays underneath. Then, sharpen your blade. Use just the tip of the blade to lightly cut at around an eighth of an inch on the side of the trim line. The tape will keep you from cutting the paint.


When the cut is made, pull off the piece on the raised handle as well as the trim line tape, and seal the edge of the film around. Do some cleaning on the raised area again, and use Knifeless tape to create an outline of it, matching the edge of the green tape to the body line of the raised area.


Once the Knifeless tape is in position, apply a second piece of film to the area and work it around. Release the string slowly when the material is formed properly. Pull off the excess material as well as the green tape afterward.



Either of these methods will help you create a high-quality and long-lasting finish, keeping you from potential future frustration. Learn more tactics about car wrapping at teckwrap.com

Wrapping up fuel cap with steep angles