Wrap around raised section with quality and durability

Raised objects are something no installer can skip during vinyl wrap film application. For example, a door handle, molding, and antenna are all raised objects that you would come across.


Mostly, you see a gap underneath the raised object that you need to wrap around. Often, wrappers tend to bridge the vinyl wrap film over this gap, then feed the material into it, thinking about getting full coverage in this way.


However, it will be distorting and overstretching the material in this way. The vinyl wrap film will shrink back. Even if you cut on the side of the raised object to get extra material to wrap around the gap, the paint will stand out as the film bounce back over time.


The proper way to handle raised object is first to hold the film away from it. And you take your squeegee, hold it at a 45-degree angle, and use the soft part of it to glide the material underneath the raised object. It is crucial to keep the film away from the raised part throughout this process. Thus, you can fold the vinyl back as you do it.


Sometimes, the gap underneath the raised object is deep. You can take the hard part of your squeegee to do it again in the same way. The hard part of the squeegee is thinner than the soft side, so you can get the material even farther inside. But do it lightly. Otherwise, you might accidentally cut the film.


There will be no tension in the film as you tuck it underneath in this way. And you are not going to overstretch it either. So you can then cut on the side of the raised object, and take your squeegee to tuck it under the gap with no stress.


You will be able to achieve a high-quality finish with long durability as the film is handled correctly. Learn more wrap tips at www.teckwrap.com
Wrap around raised section with quality and durability