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The hood of Tesla is usually not complicated to wrap with vinyl film. With the right approach and workflow, it can become one easy-peasy. Here is how you can do it:


Thorough prepping

Before applying the material to the surface, ensure you have thoroughly cleaned up the vehicle. And it is better to degrease the entire edge of the section one more time. Next, wipe over the hood with surface cleaner on your microfiber towel. Then, use a tack cloth to wipe around the hood lightly.



When the prepping is done, you can start applying the material. The process can be much faster if you have two people working together. Hold the vehicle wrap from the two sides, and ensure there is enough material for every side of the hood.


When releasing the backing paper, do not forget to hold the vinyl high so that it will not touch the surface. If it is team-working, ensure every installer pulls simultaneously and releases the liner evenly, avoiding getting wrinkles.


Start from the upper corners

After releasing the liner, flatten the car wrap before letting it touch the hood. Then, hook it to the two upper corners and pull away. You can then create glass from the upper corners as you pull. Starting from these sharp corners can help you lower the chance of getting wrinkles.


Do not squeegee in the middle till this point. Otherwise, you might get adhesive lines. After glassing out the film, you can use your squeegee from the center. Going over the hood with overlapping squeegee strokes from top to bottom. Hold your squeegee at a low angle that is as close to the surface as possible. This will also help avoid adhesive lines.


Double-check before adding heat

Once it is done, double-check if the vehicle wrap is settled at the corners. Starting from the upper corners again, you should round the film around the top edge of the hood.


By now, you would feel tension on the outside edge, although you did not stretch the car wrap very much. Now, this is the point to take advantage of it. Apply heat to the edge around the corner, and the vinyl will shrink underneath the hood, which can help you achieve excellent durability.


Cut away the excess

Cut away the excess material on the side of the hood. Make sure you angle your blade away from the edge. By doing this, you will have enough material to wrap around later. As soon as you finish cutting, seal the edge.


It is this simple. By now, you should have a high-quality Tesla hood with a paint-like look and long durability. Learn more about wrapping at

Proper workflow: Wrapping Tesla hood with vinyl film | TeckWrap