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Removing headlights to wrap a front bumper with vinyl film can take a lot of time, although it guarantees a smooth process to achieve full coverage under the lights. There is a more convenient way to install without taking the lights off and ensure efficiency, full coverage, and, more importantly, high quality.


Take advantage of Bridgeline knifeless tape

A Bridgeline knifeless tape is wide and generally used to cut a vinyl wrap film between sections, for example, between two doors or between the hood and fender.


Because of its width, it gives you a centimeter of extra material to wrap around a section after cutting, which is enough to wrap under the lights and get full coverage.


Also, the green tape of the Bridgeline has low surface energy. Thus, it will keep the material from grabbing the lights when applying the vinyl film to the section and help you pick it up easily.



Run the Bridgeline carefully along the bottom edge of both headlights. Lights can vary, and some have corners. And it can be tricky to get the tape around. Thus, be patient when doing this until the tape is well set in place.


Once the Bridgeline is ready, you can apply the vinyl wrap film to the bumper. Wrap the section as usual. When getting to the edge of the light, add light heat to relax the material. Tighten the film on the edge to create a clean cut when releasing the knifeless tape.


Usually, if you cut on the side of the light, you will not have enough material to fully wrap around the area under the light. But because a Bridgeline is wide enough, you will have enough extra film to go underneath.


This way, you will achieve a high-quality bumper without spending unnecessary time removing the headlights. Learn to wrap efficiently at
Vinyl wrapping bumper with headlights | TeckWrap