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Squeegeeing is one of the most frequent work in vinyl film wrapping. However, being common does not mean it is easy. There are skills in squeegeeing. And if you want to achieve a perfect finish, every step in your installation counts, which makes it essential to master the tricks. Here are a few things you need to learn about it:


Use a suitable squeegee

There are many types of squeegees in the market. But you should only use one that suits your vinyl wrap film. For car wrapping, it is recommended to use a soft or medium-hard squeegee. Some materials, like chrome vinyl film, are especially sensitive, and you might scratch it if you use a hard squeegee unthinkingly. Also, for the best result, replace your buffer regularly.


Grab it properly

Holding your squeegee correctly can help you apply the right pressure when working on a vinyl wrap film. Your four fingers should stay close on one side, while your thumb should be on the other.


You should grab the squeegee as close to the buffer as possible. Doing this can help you hold it firmly and work effectively. However, if your fingers only grab at the top of the squeegee, it will be hard for you to put the right pressure through. Also, it will not be that smooth when you need to turn and change direction.


Flatten out before squeegeeing

You should always pick up the vinyl wrap film and flatten it out before squeegeeing it. If there is any wrinkle on the material, do not squeegee until it is gone. Or you will make the situation frustrating.


Work with overlapping strokes

Do not go with the entire length of your squeegee when working on a vehicle wrap. Doing this will make you miss spots as you squeegee across, which gives chances for air or water to get underneath the film.


Thus, you should work with overlapping strokes during the process. The strokes should be consistent. And make sure you squeegee with enough pressure. If you do not press hard enough, air can get underneath the film, leading to poor quality.


Squeegee at a 45-degree angle is common in car wrapping. You can better read the material as you squeegee at this angle. In standard cases, it is recommended to use only 3/4 of your squeegee to work the material down and use the 1/4 to overlap the area that has been set (The coverage area can vary, depending on whether you are wrapping a flat area or curve).


Press hard to trigger re-positional technology

Most vehicle wraps in the market today have re-positional technology. But you need to press hard enough to trigger it when squeegeeing. The harder you press, the better. However, you should ensure you hold your squeegee right because wrong approaches can accidentally scratch the material.


Here are a few critical things you must know about squeegeeing. They are not complicated. But together, every detail can determine your result. So keep them in mind and enjoy a smooth wrapping experience. Learn more about vinyl application at teckwrap.com

Squeegeeing: The essential skill for car wrapping | TeckWrap