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Wrapping a hood with vinyl film is usually a relatively easy job. But if you are dealing with a composite one like Corvette Stingray’s, it can be a little tricky because there are sharp corners, recessed areas, and thick edges.


A special case needs to be treated in a special way. Here are some tips for you in this situation:


No need to overwrap

With the thick edges, it is tempting for installers to apply the vinyl wrap film all the way behind the hood to get full coverage. But with all those sharp corners, overwrapping will double the difficulty of the installation. As long as you clean the section thoroughly and cut properly, you can achieve full coverage with high quality and efficiency without any worries.


From corner to corner

When applying the vinyl wrap film to this hood, first hook the material to the two upper corners. And pull the panel firmly towards the front. You should lock the film right at the sharp corner at the tip. Then, start from there, pull the material on the side and hook it to the next outside corner. Doing this can help shift the tension away. And you should repeat this process by working from corner to corner until every part is set.



When all corners are hooked and ready, you can squeegee from the upper corner with overlapping squeegee strokes. Spread the material out from the flat part towards the front, which is like feeding the film into the recessed areas. Do this with a fresh buffer to avoid scratches.


When getting to the end, pick the material up, and focus on the side next, which will become much easier. Repeat the same process from the other upper corner until the two areas on the sides are done. And you can deal with the middle section with no stress at last.


Heat, shrink, and cut

Once everything is done, you should heat the edges and allow the vinyl wrap film to shrink. This can also relax the material. And you can make relief cuts just under the bodyline.


When cutting, cut on the hood side with the blade angling away. Doing this will get you enough material to wrap around the edge and get full coverage without overwrapping.


As soon as everything is done, remember to double-check if there is any bubble. Check with heat to activate the adhesive simultaneously to keep the wrap staying well for a long time. Learn more about wrapping at
Vinyl wrapping hood with thick edge and sharp corner | TeckWrap