Stress-free corner wrapping: Take advantage of vinyl memory effect

A corner is always one of the most challenging spots to do car wrapping. But with the right approach and some tricks, you can quickly achieve a tension-free, high-quality wrapped corner. Here are the tips:


Why corners are hard to wrap

There is tension in a corner. Thus, the material tends to bunch up whenever a vinyl film is applied over and pulled toward it. This is why wrinkles will occur on the sides of the corner.


Pre-stretch to shift tension

To avoid this situation, pre-stretch the car wrap and work away from the corner by pulling at a triangle shape when installing. Pull the vinyl film to the corner firmly when it passes the spot by about 3 centimeters. Then, form the material around it.


Create the shape

As soon as you have done this, pull the car wrap about an inch away and push it down. You will then have the shape of the corner in the vehicle wrap. This is not the end because vinyl material has memory. If you do not do something about it, it will bounce back over time.


Heat and shrink

For this reason, you will heat it and let the vinyl shrink back naturally. Once it shrinks, it will hold the corner nicely and tight. You can now squeegee the material away from the corner and cut out the excess. Do not forget to seal the edge when it is done.


With this pre-stretch method, you can take advantage of the memory effect. Pull, heat, and shrink — a handy way to get a perfect finish. Everything goes naturally. And you can achieve a wrinkle-free corner at the end of the day.


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Stress-free corner wrapping: Take advantage of vinyl memory effect