Re-install door handle back to vehicle with ease

Mostly, removing hardware before vinyl film wrapping can help you achieve full coverage more easily. However, some hardware is easy to remove but tricky to re-install, for instance, a door handle.


It is not difficult to take a door handle off, but it can be tricky to push it forward when you have to re-apply. There is a lever mechanism there, which usually slides behind the main part of the door handle, where there is a 90-degree turn.


To successfully re-apply the door handle, you have to make sure the big piece of the handle can be put behind the lever properly. But the fact is the lever would flip back as you try to put the handle back. Thus, you might want to use some tools to pry the lever outwards and keep it controllable.


To do this, you can use something small and flexible. If you use something big like a screwdriver, there is not enough room for you to re-install the handle as you pull the lever. So you can use an emblem removal tool, where there are two handles parts and a string in between. Fold the string, insert it into the hole of the door handle area, and hook the lever inside.


As soon as the lever is hooked, use the handle pieces to pull it outwards with one hand. Pull and hold it at a low angle. Then, use the other hand to re-apply the main part of the handle. Slide the 90-degree angle part behind the lever, and it is done.


Cut the string off and slide it out from the hole. And last but not least, re-install the small piece of the door handle back to the body. So this is one quick and simple way for you to put the door handle back without getting frustrated. Visit for more vinyl wrap film tips to optimize your wrapping experience.

Re-install door handle back to vehicle with ease