Properties of TeckWrap Gloss Metallic Vinyl

The TeckWrap gloss metallic vinyl series covers a wide range of colors and styles, including the newly listed Royal Purple (SL07-HD), Palladian Blue (RB36-HD), and Phantom Green (RB37-HD).


The material is made of high-grade hybrid calendered self-adhesive film and has super gloss on the appearance, which makes it an excellent way to express your personality.


Some wrappers can find installing a calendared vinyl film challenging because of its thickness. But once you understand its properties, you can take advantage of it, making your job much smoother and easier. Now let’s learn the difference in TeckWrap gloss metallic car wrap:


Initial tack

As calendared material, there is initial tension in a TeckWrap gloss metallic vinyl film. To smoothen your installing process, you can apply low tack solutions like Tripple S to the flat surface. Don't forget to dry out before applying the material though. 


Bubble and wrinkle

When a bubble occurs on the vinyl wrap film, you don’t have to pick up the material or pop it. Instead, you can easily remove it by pressing it with a finger and letting the air spread out, saving your energy.


When there is a wrinkle, you can pick the car wrap up, apply heat to that spot, and trigger the memory effect to let the material go back to the original shape. Then, re-apply it to the surface when the film cools down.



Gloss metallic is a directional type vinyl wrap film. The TeckWrap products come with a white backing, so it is recommended to mark the direction on each panel before installing. Doing this can help you make the hue of the finish uniform.



You can use either medium-hard or soft squeegee to handle a gloss metallic vinyl wrap. When installing, you can spray proper solution to the buffer to let it glide across the film surface without scratching it. Ensure you use a new buffer and neat glove when handling the material.


Surface energy

The surface energy of a gloss metallic vinyl wrap film is high. So whenever you need to make an inlay or overlay piece on another panel, you do no need to prep the bottom piece. The two should be able to stick well for the long term.


These are the basic information about TeckWrap gloss metallic car wrap. Do you feel like having a better idea regarding how you can handle it better now? Comment and share.


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Properties of TeckWrap Gloss Metallic Vinyl