Handling light scrapes on vinyl wrap film | TeckWrap

For a wrapped vehicle, there can be scuff marks on the vinyl film whenever you hit somewhere. It can be a garage or grove, literally anywhere with things that can scrape your car… Or even the paint of a wall can stick onto your wrap.


What can you do about it when it happens? You might think of chemicals because they are like the most effective things to use in this situation. However, it can severely damage the vinyl wrap film.


Find the right tool

To get rid of those marks safely, you can prepare a special tool called Magic Eraser, which is generally used for kitchens. You can find it easily in many stores. The Magic Eraser can effectively remove those scrape marks without damaging the material.


Use soapy water to help

Once you have it, you can get going. First, spray soapy water on where the marks are. Rub around with your magic eraser the way you use a clay bar. (Some people might literally use a clay bar to remove those marks because it is soft. But it can be risky because the clay bar can become aggressive if it stays in an area for too long)


Determine the situation

As you rub around with the Magic Eraser, you will see how bad the scratches are. Some might be just on the surface of the vehicle wrap, but others can be deep enough to reach the paint surface.


If the scuff marks only come from something like the paint of a wall and are very light, they can be removed easily. When the marks are off, wipe the area with a microfiber towel. But if you realize the scuff has gone way too deep, and the vinyl wrap film or the vehicle has already been physically damaged, it is best to take it to a garage and solve the problem properly.


This way, you can remove light scratches on your car wrap easily and safely with no hassles. Even better, it will not cost you much. What a handy solution! Learn more wrap tips at teckwrap.com

Handling light scrapes on vinyl wrap film | TeckWrap