Fuel cap in perfect full coverage with vinyl wrap film

When wrapping up a fuel cap area with vinyl wrap film, most installers tend to make the blade of the knife parallel to the cap side (which can also be called an empty side), and cut along the edge there.


The cut itself is clean and symmetrical without problems. However, it is not necessarily a full coverage, especially when you are wrapping with a full print vinyl wrap film.


When you look at the top of the gas cap from above, you would see the original color of the vehicle. It can really stand out, especially if it is a light color car.


Here is one efficient way to solve this problem:


Separate the gas cap into a top section and a bottom section when you cut (You can use masking tape to do the separation). Cut on the rear fender side (which can also be called a solid side) on the top section, while changing to cut on the empty side at the bottom.


Cut it all the way around the top section. As for the bottom area, switch the cut from the top section, cut the left bottom side and the right bottom side. It does not matter which half of the bottom side you cut first. Just do not cut the bottom all the way around, as you want your whole cut to be uniform.


When the cutting is done, use your finger to go around the fuel cap, tucking the material to the side. Use your squeegee to seal the edge of the bottom section.


Then, open up the cap, seal the vinyl wrap film around the top section as well. And because there is extra material at the top now, there is a little tension, and you will need to apply heat to relax the film there.


When everything is done, close the gas cap. Use your finger and squeegee to go around the side, ensuring the whole edge is adequately sealed. By now, you will have a completely covered and long-lasting finish. Learn more wrap tips at www.teckwrap.com
Fuel cap in perfect full coverage with vinyl wrap film