Satin wrap film

Satin wrap film is considered a standard type of film. From the surface, it looks pretty much like a matte finish – which is not directional, however, satin wrap films are directional. So there would appear differences in hue when the panels are not aligned during the install.

    But the tricky thing is that it can be subtle and hard to see the direction when you merely look at the face of a satin wrap film. So the safest way for this is to flip the panel over, and use the logo on the liner as your guideline for direction.

Satin finish can be very sensitive to scratches, so it is important to avoid using the medium squeegee, but instead, use a soft one. As for buffer, it can be either dry or wet. But the crucial point is that it has to be a brand new one.

When you squeegee a satin wrap film during install, remember to keep the squeegee low and flat, and avoid squeegeeing at a high angle or even peaking it, because this can scratch a satin finish.

Because satin wrap is considered a standard type, so like most standard wrap films, any heat can self-heal the scratches. However, for satin film, chances are that you might not be able to do it completely, which is why it is important to use the right squeegee and a new buffer when installing.

Also, during the install, wrinkles may occur. And if it does happen, just pick the section back up then apply light heat on it. As we mentioned above, it is a standard film, so the wrinkles will self-heal and the panel can then be re-applied.

When you re-adjust the satin finish for heating and stretching, remember to use just enough heat to soften and pull it evenly. If a satin wrap film is over stretched, the finish will gloss.

The good news though, is that you can take it back to the original satin finish by picking it back up and triggering the memory, then re-squeegee it.

Last but not least, when post heating, using a heat gun is the best choice to do that. And during the process, standard protocol can be applied, which means only post-heat on areas that the stretch is passed 10%.