Pearlescent Wrap Film

There is a special kind of film among all types of wrap films. The pearlescent film is the one we will be talking about. It looks pretty much like gloss film. However, they can be very different in a way.

Pearlescent wrap film is considered a standard type of film, which means it is either made of two layers of color or one layer color with a lamination.

Although it looks so much like gloss film, which is not directional, a pearlescent wrap film is directional. The difference of panels can be very subtle to see during the install though. So it is very important to keep the panels uniformed.

To do this, you can use the logo on the liner as a reference point. Or if the liner has no logo, marking arrows on panels for direction can be a good idea.

When applying, using either a medium or soft squeegee can be fine. But remember to use a brand new buffer (Either dry or wet can be used) for each install so that it maintains a high-quality finish.

When you squeegee a pearlescent film, just use the standard overlapping squeegeeing stroke. This will be leading to a professional result.

As for heating, a propane torch or heat gun can be used to heat the film safely. There might be wrinkles or light scratches occurring during the install process. If this happened, pick the panel back up and apply heat.

Since the pearlescent film is a standard type of film, it will be 100% self-heal. And your panel will be able to get re-applied afterward.

There is no need to prep a pearlescent film for applying overlaying pieces when it needs, as its surface energy is very high. For this point, it is exactly like gloss film.

When stretching the panel, you can use standard heat and pull method. There might be overstretching occurring sometimes. However, it can be difficult to see, because the only visible difference will be a slight color shift on the finish, but the gloss will stay the same.

If overstretched, you can also add heat to the film so that memory can be triggered and the film will self-heal as you pick back up the panel. You can then re-apply it.

For post-heating, the standard technique can be applied to pearlescent wrap film, as there is no risk of glossing the finish. So you have nothing to worry about.