Wrapping Mirror in New Perspective with Vinyl Wrap Film

When wrapping a mirror, the most common and proper way to do is to start from the back of the corner – Starting from the hardest part, and save the easy ones/ flat areas for last (This rule can be applied to any other parts of a vehicle to-be-wrapped as well).


But sometimes, being a little creative with the logic, and wrap in a new way can actually surprise you with what it turns out, so long as you understand the vinyl wrap film enough.


For instance, here is a mirror wrapping technique in a new perspective, which is developed based on the logic of creating triangles and relaxing a vinyl wrap film in order to take out the tension.


This sounds nothing new, but let’s go through it from the very beginning. This is where it gets refreshing: as you apply the vinyl wrap film to the surface of a mirror, try starting from the tip of the corner instead of from the back of the corner.


(If the material you use is quite stiff, you might consider giving it a little bit of heat before processing to the next step.)


Pick the film up from the other side (near the back corner), and start using your thumbs to give it a bit of massage in the air, relaxing it to even out the tension, and meanwhile creating a triangle as you do the massage. Once you did it, hook it from behind.


Usually, wrinkles tend to build up on the front corner of the backside, but because this technique is to point to the back corner, the tension is shifted and the installer can easily squeegee the film down flat.


By massaging and relaxing the film, and combining with the air regress feature of a vinyl wrap film, there is no tension on the film, so wrapper can simply lock down the material at the base.


All you have to do next is to properly cut the excess film off, and make sure all the edges are sealed. You will then have an equally perfectly wrapped mirror with high quality and long term durability as you would achieve with the normal wrapping technique.
Wrapping Mirror in New Perspective with Vinyl Wrap Film