One Simple Way to Achieve Perfect Corner with Vinyl Wrap Film

Cold pre-stretch is a technique that helps a lot when wrapping corners with vinyl wrap film. But it is also something that requires certain skills during the process. If you manage to do it properly, you will surely be able to achieve a wrinkle-free perfect corner.


A corner is always one of the most challenging places for wrappers, because there is tension, and the vinyl wrap film tends to bunch up there, which usually leads to wrinkles on either side of the corner.


By using the pre-stretch technique, you can work away from the corner and easily achieve a wrinkle-free corner.


When applying the vinyl wrap film to the vehicle, you can simply pick the material up, which should pass the corner by around three centimeters. The next thing you should do is to pull the material to the corner cold and firm, and form it around the corner nicely – Pull it for about an inch away, and push it down. Start forming when you see the shape of the corner in the film.


However, the wrapper should not stop at this point, because this technique can only work perfectly when heat is applied.


As vinyl wrap film has memory effect, as soon as you heat it up, the material will shrink back. And this will work exactly well for a corner – after you have cold pre-stretched and formed the film onto it.


When you see the material shrink back as it is heated, you can now squeegee away from the corner, and cut the excess film away when everything is done.


By cold pre-stretching and heating (then triggering the memory effect), you will be able to get the film down to the corner properly and tight in a very simple way, saving you a lot of time and from the potential problems. And also, this will improve the long-term durability of the film as well. Isn’t it a win-win strategy?


One Simple Way to Achieve Perfect Corner with Vinyl Wrap Film