Make Bad Cut of Vinyl Around Antenna Good again


When wrapping a section with raised objects that cannot be removed, it can be quite challenging for a wrapper to make clean cuts, such as wrapping around an antenna with vinyl wrap film.


The bottom part of an antenna is usually soft. Thus, it is possible that you could end up with hackly cuts on the vinyl wrap film. You might have to take off the whole panel and re-do the whole thing again. But here is a great trick to save you the time – Most importantly, saving you from a significant loss of money:


First, pre-cut a piece of black matte strip and have it prepared. Click your blade, make sure it is sharp enough, and use its tip to cut the hackly section away. Be sure it is a light cut and about an inch away from the base of the antenna. The critical thing is that you have to cut clean and symmetrical all the way round this time.


Remove the excess film, squeegee down the vinyl wrap film on the roof, and seal the edge. Take the black strip that you pre-cut and curve it around at the base of the antenna. When doing it, use your free hand to pull to create tension, and the other hand goes behind, use your finger and squeegee to seal it down. Make sure it is flush to the edge. You can even tuck the strip under the edge of the antenna.


Since the bottom of the antenna is usually made of black rubber, the strip is perfectly hidden on the surface. And by handling in this way, it can help you avoid replacing the whole panel, then start all over again. Happy wrapping!


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Make Bad Cut of Vinyl Around Antenna Good again