How to Remove Scuffs on Vehicle Wrap Film

There are times when your vehicle accidentally hits somewhere on the sides as it comes out from a place like a grove or a garage, and there are scuff marks leaving on it. This has been quite a headache for a lot of people.


Sometimes the paint of a wall gets on to the vehicle wrap film, and sometimes even the body of vehicle where there is no film protecting gets damaged with lots of scratches.


Some people would choose to rush to get some chemicals in order to get rid of those marks quickly so that the vehicle wrap film can get back to its brand-new-alike. But this can actually harshly damage the vehicle wrap film itself.


There is an easy and handy way to solve this problem without using any harsh chemical product so that your vehicle wrap film remains safe even under this circumstance.

But you have to first prepare a magic eraser, which is basically used for the kitchen and it is easily accessible in most stores. These erasers are extremely good for working on those types of scuff marks on vehicle wrap film.

Spray soaping water on the particular areas that have those marks, run over them with your magic eraser as if you are using a clay bar - Speaking of which, some people would choose to use clay bar when it comes to a situation like this because it seems soft enough and will not damage the paint. But notice though, as long as clay bar stays on a particular spot for too long, it will become very aggressive, so it is risky still.

In this case, a magic eraser should be the best option. As you run it over the surface, you can also determine on what level the scratches are: Is it a deep scratch on the surface of the body or just the surface area on the vehicle wrap film?


Be patient and spend some time, if it is just paint marks, it will come off clean as you go back and forth with the magic eraser, as well as cleaning up all the other residues there. As soon as the mark is off, wipe it down with a microfiber towel.


In some cases with cars like MINI, the mirrors’ covers are plastic-based and they are unwrapped, but damaged with scuff marks left on. If it is just paint, the magic eraser can also solve it out. Once the mark is off, spray again and shift it to the next spot with the eraser.


Some might ask that it sounds like it is ok to just use a sponge to do all these, so why not, because sponge can totally soak even more easily than a magic eraser? The fact is that a sponge might scratch the surface as you go over the vehicle wrap film, which might lead to a costly result.


So take your time with the magic eraser, as long as the scratches are not too deep and they come off, your vehicle wrap film would look brand new again as you wipe down.


By using this one simple accessible tool, you can keep your vehicle wrap film from harsh chemicals (so that actually keeps it from further damages). You do not even have to put your gloves on and your place will not smell bad because of using chemical products. So it is a really helpful way in terms of getting rid of scuffs.


However, if you realize the physical damages have gone too deep and even magic eraser cannot help, for example, when you see some white spots on the film, and as you go over, you find out that the damages have already gone to the base layer of the vehicle wrap film, it is best to get a re-do.


If you are running out of time to do that, the quickest way – although we do NOT so much recommend, is to use a marking pen in the as-similar-as-possible color to fill the in the scratch. Apparently, this is only for emergency though.


How to Remove Scuffs on Vehicle Wrap Film