Boost vinyl wrap quality by taking extra steps | TeckWrap

Getting a vehicle wrapped is never just about wrapping a car. There are several things you can do after the application to ensure a vinyl wrap finish’s quality and durability for the long term.


Thorough double-check

Go around the car and check if there is any tiny wrinkle or bubble on the vehicle wrap. Pay extra attention to the recessed areas, where the material gets stretched during the installation. If those occur, approach it accordingly and flatten the surface out.


Other times, scratches caused by squeegee during the process might also occur. This is the point when you should fix them. Mostly, you can use heat to heal them, depending on the type of wrap film you use.


Extra protection

For sections like the area underneath the bumpers, it is good to put an edge seal tape for extra protection. Apply it with half put on the car wrap and the other half on the paint. Then, add heat to it and make sure the seal is secured and tight.



Although you think you have done everything properly, and the vinyl is relaxed enough, it is important to post-heat the film, especially areas with compound curves. You can use an IR thermometer to help when doing it and make sure you are heating at the right temperature (Learn the importance of post-heating a vehicle wrap at the right temperature).



Wipe the vehicle over with suitable aftercare products. Wipe not only the wrap but also the particular body parts of the car, like the moldings. Make sure you choose your aftercare products accordingly because not every product applies to all types of materials.


After doing these, you should be able to achieve a promising finish with high quality and long durability.

Boost vinyl wrap quality by taking extra steps | TeckWrap