Automotive Market in the UK

The automotive market is a significant contributor to the UK economy, and it is a crucial sector for keeping the country's finances healthy, employing a substantial workforce, and contributing substantially to exports.

Despite ongoing challenges, the country's automotive production hit a multi-year high in 2023, with a growing appetite for electric cars. The UK continued to be a major car exporter, especially to Europe.

In 2022, over 775,014 cars, 101,600 commercial vehicles, and 1.5 million engines were built in this country. Eight out of 10 cars produced in the UK are exported overseas to 130 different markets worldwide.

Popular Car Brands
When it comes to the popular car brands in the UK, here are the top five based on their sales volume:
1.   Volkswagen: It has been a leading car brand in this country for several years.
2.   Ford: Its sales are increasing.
3.   Audi
4.   Kia
5.   Tesla

Auto Shows in the UK
There are several major auto shows in the UK that attract car enthusiasts from around the world. Here are some of them:
1. Race Retro: This event celebrates the best of international historic motorsport, showcasing every discipline, including formula and circuit racing, rallying, hill climbs, touring cars, single marque series, motorcycling, sports, and GT cars.
2. Practical Classics: Classic Car Show: A perfect show for anyone looking to reignite their passion for classic cars. The next event will be held at NEC, Birmingham, from 22nd – 24th March 2024.
3. Supercar Fest: The Runway: Now in its 4th year, Supercar Fest continues to grow as one of the leading dynamic supercar events in the UK. The next event will be held at Sywell Aerodrome, Northampton, on the 18th & 19th of May 2024.

These events offer a great opportunity for car enthusiasts to share their passion in automotive and learn the latest trend together. Don't miss the chance if you are interested.

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