Automotive Market in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia plays a significant role in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) automotive market. It has a 37% share of the regional market, making it a critical contributor to the country's economy.

The auto sector in Saudi Arabia has been dynamic and evolving. According to statistics, around 52% of the vehicles sold in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and 35% in the MENA region are from this country.

556,000 and 436,000 vehicles were sold in Saudi Arabia in 209 and 2020, respectively. In 2023, the statistics increased by 20.8% to 605,517. The sales figure is expected to reach 543,000 by 2025.

Popular Car Brands
The Saudi Arabian automotive market is predominantly controlled by Japanese, Korean, and Chinese brands, which collectively account for more than half of the sales. With a 30% market share, Toyota is the leader in the sector, followed by Hyundai and Kia at 26%.

The top-selling car brands in the country include:
   Toyota: Its models, such as Corolla, Camry, Fortuner, Hilux, and Land Cruiser, are popular in Saudi Arabia.
   Hyundai: Its Accent and Elantra are top sellers.
   Honda: The Honda Accord makes it a perfect choice for many consumers.
   Mazda: Its CX9 model is also popular in the market.
   Ford: Many Explorer and Taurus are registered.

Auto Shows in Saudi Arabia
There are several significant car events in Saudi Arabia, some of them are:
   EV Auto Show Riyadh: One of the biggest electric auto events promoting electric mobility.
   Car Shows in Riyadh: There are various car cruises, expos, and auto shows in Riyadh, providing excellent opportunities for car fanatics to stay up to date.

The future of the automotive market in Saudi Arabia is promising. It is poised for growth and innovation. You can be a part of the evolution by transforming with a unique vinyl wrap film and showing your attitude. Contact our regional distributor and find a way to grow with the trend.


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