Wrapping hood with efficient vinyl film cutting

Hood is a typical section for vinyl film wrapping. Some of them are easy to handle, and others are not. How to wrap a hood efficiently is like a must-learn lesson for wrappers. Here are some tips for you:


There is always a rule of thumb for vinyl film wrapping: deal with corners first and flat area last. So pull the vinyl wrap film nicely and form it around the corner when you apply.


Regular hoods have four corners, but there are tricky ones with even more. Whichever hood you are dealing with, you should follow the same work sequence: set the vinyl wrap film up, form it around the corners, angle the blade out, then cut the material flush to the base.


As soon as the corners are dealt with, the flat area of the hood will become easy to wrap. Go along the edge of the vinyl wrap film with your finger and set the material, ensuring it is even.


Next, you can make a cut with the blade angling away from the edge and create a slight overlap in the meantime. This will look like there is full coverage and save you some time from picking up the whole panel to wrap farther underneath.


When cutting away the excess film, start from one corner, cut all the way to the other side with the blade angling out. Do not forget to seal the edge afterward. Try to work with as little movement as possible during the cut, and make sure your blade stays steady. This can help ensure efficiency and high quality.


By now, all cuttings should be done for the hood. It is tempting for wrappers to move onto another section straightforward. But you should post-heat the whole hood right away. Just make sure there is no air underneath the wrap. Otherwise, they might pop and become bubbles or even wrinkles over time.


Pay extra attention to the corners. Use the heat to soften the material there, and use your finger to double-check if there are any bubbles. Anything that is not 100% staying on the surface is going to pop during this process. Seal it down with either your squeegee or finger as soon as you see it.


(Pop the hood open if you need a clearer sight when doing this.)


Following these steps and proper techniques, you will achieve a high-quality wrapped hood with efficiency. Keep learning practical wrap tips at teckwrap.com

Wrapping hood with efficient vinyl film cutting