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A roof is not a tiny section to wrap with vinyl wrap film, and it is challenging to make everything under control when wrapping it. Thus, sometimes you might accidentally damage the paint when you cut, especially if you are dealing with the kind of roof with grooves on both sides, where there are two moldings on top. Here are some tips for you to approach the section in this case:


No bridging and jamming

Most wrappers will think about bridging the material over the gap at first thought for this type of area. But then, it is tempting to jam the vinyl into it, which will overstretch the film. So the best way should be picking the vinyl film up and tucking it into the bottom incrementally.


Bridge and cut is risky

After doing this, it is time to cut off the excess material. This is when many installers might accidentally cut the paint because the way they hold the knife is usually vertical to the surface. Even riskier, it is tricky to make a straight cut on the section like the roof in this way.


Make it safe to cut

In this situation, the solution is to cut before tucking. First, make sure you are using a plastic knife so that it will not accidentally scratch the surface. Then, use a shallow blade that is barely out to cut.


Cut before tucking

The film is already set tight over the gap by now. So it is safe. Press your knife right in the middle of the groove, which will leave you around one-centimeter material. And you can then work it down to the bottom of the groove.


This is technically a big relief cut. And it allows you to cut without the knife touching the paint. It might be hard to make a perfectly straight cut on the vehicle wrap. But it is way better than risking cutting the paint.


By doing this, you can achieve a high-quality finish, and safely cut away the excess material without damaging the surface. You will have less stress when installing. Happy wrapping! For more wrap tips, visit
Vinyl wrapping roof with grooves|TeckWrap