Uncover Secrets to Successful Wrapping of Carbon Vinyl Film

Unlike most vinyl wrap films, carbon vinyl is kind of a unique type. This indicates that there are particular details that wrappers must pay attention to in order to do a better wrap job when wrapping with carbon vinyl wrap film.



Carbon wrap film is textured. Thus, there are peaks and valleys on its surface. This also determines the fact that carbon vinyl is directional – but in a way that it is based on its pattern rather than hue, which means it is easy to match up different panels. All you need to do is to follow the pattern.



But when it comes to squeegee, the wrapper must be more cautious because the surface of carbon vinyl wrap film is very sensitive. There is no lamination layer on it. So it is crucial that you use a soft squeegee to go over the surface. Otherwise, even medium-hard squeegee can cause scratches, especially on raised areas.


While squeegeeing, make sure you keep the squeegee low and flat, instead of holding it at a high angle or even peaking. Also, do not press too hard. Or it will scratch the carbon vinyl too. And because there is no lamination layer, once the surface of the film has scratches, it cannot self-heal.


Self-Heal Wrinkles

Wrinkles might occur during your install. When this happens, you can pick the material back up and apply heat with a heat gun to trigger the memory effect so that the panel can self-heal, and then you can re-apply. But remember, DO NOT use a propane torch, as it will overheat and damage the film.


Self-Heal Overstretch

When the carbon vinyl is overstretched, you will see a clear distortion on its pattern. And its color may become lighter. When this happens, pick the panel back up again and use soft heat to trigger the memory effect. Let the textured pattern return to its original shape, and re-apply it.


Use Thin Knifeless Tape

When you need to use cutting tapes, make sure you use a thin one for carbon film, since the textured surface might be cut unevenly. The thinner the line is, the better chance you will have a clean edge.


Be Aware of Splitting

The textured surface can easily tear. So when you handle carbon vinyl film, make sure you do not pick it up too quickly or make standard relief cuts. Always pick the panel up slowly and make enclosed relief cuts to stay safe.


Minimum Temperature for Post-Heat

Wrappers must pay more attention when post-heating carbon vinyl. Make sure to apply with the minimum recommended temperature when heating, as the valleys of the textured pattern will get thinner when too much heat is applied (The film might split in this case).


These are the very secrets to wrap well with a carbon vinyl film. Mastering them, for sure you will be doing a great job.

Uncover Secrets to Successful Wrapping of Carbon Vinyl Film