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Taking off moldings can significantly help the vinyl wrapping process. It is not a must to remove all hardware during an application. But for particular sections, without the moldings, you can undoubtedly wrap more comfortably with less stress and achieve a high-quality finish by avoiding several potential problems.


Unlike hardware like headlights or rear lights, removing a molding usually takes you no more than five minutes. So it will not postpone your installation process because you can handle the vehicle wrap even more smoothly.


However, for certain moldings around the rear door and the trunk, it is a bit complicated, as you need to pay more attention. Otherwise, you might accidentally damage the moldings. Here are some examples that you can take as reference:


1. Citroen Jumper – License Plate Molding

There is molding above the license plate for vehicles like Citroen Jumper. To remove it, swing the door around, and you will see a cover with clips. Use a plastic removal tool to pry the cover and loosen it, and use a tool like a crowbar to take those clips off. Once the cover is off, you can loosen the screws of the license plate molding and remove it.


2. Ford Taurus – Trunk Molding

For vehicles like Ford Taurus, there is a plastic molding right on the trunk. It is fine to leave it on. But if you can remove it, you can speed up the wrapping process and lower the chance of overstretching the vinyl wrap film.


For this type of vehicle, you can pop open the trunk. And there is a cover underneath where you will find plastic clips holding it. Use a crowbar to take those clips off and open the cover.


Once it is done, you can access the parts that are holding the plastic molding, which are bolts and plastic clips for Ford Taurus. Take them off carefully. There is also an electrical wire inside as well. Do not forget to disconnect it before taking off the molding.


When you finish with the inside, go back to the surface of the trunk. Use a plastic removal tool to pry off the molding cautiously. Otherwise, you might break it. Do it every a few inches with just enough pressure until you successfully remove it.


3. Volkswagen Transporter – License Plate Molding

The situation for Volkswagen Transporter is a bit similar to Citroen Jumper. To remove its license plate molding, you have to open the back door, where there is a cover with plastic clips. Take them off and remove the cover.


You can then reach the bolts that are holding the molding. Loosen them as well as the electric wire. As soon as it is done, you can then easily take off the license plate molding from the outside.


It might take slightly longer to handle particular moldings like these above. But it is worth doing if you think of the risks that the removal lowers down for you. There are many more types of tricky moldings out there. But hopefully, the typical ones mentioned here can inspire you. Visit for more wrap tips.

Smoother wrapping process: tricky molding removal|TeckWrap