The Five Wrap Languages

Did you know car wrap can speak for both itself and you? You don’t necessarily have to be someone talkative to show who you are if you have these wraps! ;)

You might have heard about Chapman’s five love languages, but did you know each vinyl wrap has its own language, too? This language is more than revealing your taste, but also representing your personality and attitude. So if you are not very good at expressing yourself, no problems. Let your car wrap speak for you! Such an unique way, isn’t it? For TeckWrap’s brand new gloss metallic series, we have in fact offered you five languages exactly. Let’s see which one describes you the best.

RB01 Fierce red

Literally like its name, this film has a super tense and appealing color, like a burning heart that can fully show your enthusiasm and passion if you are an outgoing person. Even if you are not, you have absolute right to choose this color to get your beloved car more eye catching. You know what, with this color, whenever you speed up on the road, people will see you riding a blasting rocket.

RB02 Deep blue

As deep as the oceans, this color is in depth and majestic, solid and reliable. Are you cool enough to claim this as your vehicle’s outfit? Or if you want to add some sense of mystery, this is an option that you cannot miss out. In another special case, on the contrary, if you are someone that get anxious easily, this might be able to calm you a little bit when you come across a horrible traffic jam.

RB03 Rosaline pearl

Shinning like a precious jewel, this film looks extremely noble but in the meantime very gentle, just like a tender velvet. For those who are always calm and soft, this may be your best choice. But of course, because this color is so harmonious, anyone can choose this so that they can keep a good mood just by glancing it daily.

RB04 Passionate purple

Purple is always a little bit mysterious to some. It is like it can always relate to a part of your heart. This passionate purple is even more so, like a blossoming violet. It is wild yet sensitive. Are you a meticulous person? As this wrap can probably represent you the best!

RB05 Grandeur plum

Do you still remember how it tastes when you first went on a date? It is a little bit tense probably (as you must have been very nervous I assume), yet super sweet, because in the meantime you are super excited, right? Well, this color can perfectly bring you back to that feeling. Take it, taste it, and you will always feel young when your car dresses it up!

The Five Wrap Languages