Public Release 01/01/2022

Dear customers,

the following colors are discontinued from 1 January of 2022

CK201N Diamond Black
CM01 Satin Black
MT02 Matte Mocha latte
MT02G Gloss Mocha latte
MT03 Matte Electric blue
MT03G Gloss Electric blue
MT04 Matte Cornflower blue
MT04G Gloss cornflower blue
PPF270 Medium-grade Gloss PVC PPF
PPF280 Coated PVC transparent film
PPF280S Coated PVC transparent film
RCF03-S Ceramic Carbon Fiber
RCF04 Carbon GPI
RD01 Matte Winered Nebula
RD02 Matte Ibiza Sunset
RD03 Matte Iris Purple Gem
RD05 Matte Nothern Aurora
TC02 Piniengruen Pearl  Pearl