Europe car wraps

Europe Car Wraps

While vinyl wrap film is no longer just some sticker for cars, and people have seen the actual value of it – an incredible way for customization, a good place to develop branding, an impressive media to use as a mobile billboard… its market continues expanding across the globe.

Europe plays the leading role
This expansion is particularly noteworthy in Europe compared to other regions. According to a report by Transparency Market Research, Europe owns the major share of the worldwide car wrap market.

As TeckWrap develops the global network, we have built solid relationships with plenty of reliable wrap shops across Europe. Almost in every major city, you can find an auto wrap shop. Simply check our navigation accordingly and reach the one near you.

The fast-growing picture of the European market comes from several factors:

  • Continuous development of renowned and historic automobile manufacturers

Numerous renowned and historically well-known automobile manufacturers are based in Europe. They continue developing, which lays the ground for the constant growth of the region's automobile and vehicle wrapping industry.

  • The change of lifestyle for people

Lives are way more diverse for people there today. Demand for customed-made products is rising—many are looking to create a personalized look on their cars with well-designed vinyl film.

  • The growth of spendable income

The spendable income for individuals in Europe is generally rising. People are chasing after a higher standard of living, desiring more in their daily life. They want it special, even just for a car.

  • The rise in awareness

The auto wrap industry has been raising awareness about protecting a vehicle with car wrap films throughout the years. Vinyl wrap is never just about pleasing the eye. It protects the paint of a car. This has become better recognized in the region and one of the key factors people apply vehicle wraps.

What’s trendy in Europe now

Car wraps can be broken up into several categories. But one is getting particularly popular in Europe lately, which is the unique-looking textured film. A textured finish is ideal for decorating a vehicle with its distinct style.

Initially, it was used in partial wrapping more often. But today, more people take it for a full wrap. As one of the fashion pioneers, TeckWrap continues following up on trends and has developed a series of premium textured wrap films for full wrapping. Discover the style you fancy in our structure vinyl selection.