TeckWrap color swatches 2021

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May 2021 release

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There are 180 and 190 series color samples in the box.

418 color samples

190 series

RB01 Fierce Red
RB02 Deep Blue
RB04 Passionate Purple
RB05 Grandeur Plum
RB06 Ocean Wave
RB07 Acid Lime
RB08 Coral Peach
RB09 Caribbean Blue
RB10 Amber Brown
RB11 Silver Chromium
RB12 Dark Platinum
RB13 Ash Grey
RB14 Crystal Silver
RB15 Columbia Blue
RB16 Sea Turquoise
RB17 Cerulean Blue
RB18 Ocean Green
RB19 Deep Orange
RB20 Midnight Purple
RB21 Mexican Pink
RB22 Kelly Green
RB23 Mustard Yellow
RB24 Zircon Blue
RB25 Golden Yellow
RB26 Ruby Green
MT01G Gloss Coal Black
MT02G Gloss Mocha Latte
MT03G Gloss Electric Blue
MT05G Gloss Beige Linen
HM06 Gloss Aubergine Silk
HM07G Gloss Green Black Silk
HM08G Black Cherry Ice
HM09G Black Gold
HM10G Burgundy Black
HM11G Olive Green
HM12G Sonoma Green
HM14G Sherwood green
SL01 Pink Sakura
RD01G Winered Nebula
RD02G Ibiza Sunset
RD03G Iris Purple Gem
RD04G Peacock Green
RD05G Northern Aurora
RD11G Rainbow Vortex
RD06 Golden Blue Viridian
RD07 Purple Indigo Malachite
RD08 Teal Neon Lapis
RD09 Chartreuse Purple Ruby
ECH01 Satin Pearl White
ECH02 Gunsmoke Grey
ECH03 Charcoal Grey
ECH04 Royal Bronze
ECH06 Nutmeg Brown
ECH11 Persian Blue
ECH14 Salmon Red
ECH15 Navy Black
ECH16 Hornet Yellow
ECH17 Bond Gold
ECH18 Oxford Blue
ECH19 Forest Green
ECH20 Metal Silver
ECH21 Dark Platinum
HM01 Dark Grey Silk
HM03 Sage Silk
HM04 Cameo pink
HM05 Chiffon green
HM13 Kermit Green
HM02 Brown Grey Silk
HM06 Matte Aubergine Silk
HM07 Matte Green black Silk
MT01 Matte Coal Black
MT02 Matte Mocha Latte
MT03 Matte Electric Blue
MT05 Matte Beige Linen
DCH02 Matte Aurora White
DCH02G Gloss Aurora White
CK801N Diamond White
CK202N Ebony Sparkle
CK522 White Pearl
CK523 Creamrose Pearl
CK524 Light Blue Pearl
CK525 Gold Pearl
CK526 Lavender Pearl
CK903 White Satin
TC01 Sable Black
TC02 Piniengruen Pearl
CK904 Rosaline Satin
CK905 Blue Satin
CK906 Gold Satin
CK907 Purple Satin
CK892 Matte Purple Blue
CK892G Gloss Purple Blue
CK895 Matte Purple Gold
RCH01 Silver Fireworks
RCH02 Gray Fireworks
RCH03 White Fireworks
DS03G Silver Sunset
DS04G Azure Maya Blue
DS05G Wild Heather

180 series

GAL01-S True Blood
GAL02-S Blue Gem
GAL03-S Candy Purple
GAL04-S Deep Pink
GAL05 Mermaid Green
GAL06-S Paprika Orange
GAL07 Leaf Green
GAL08 Amber Gold
GAL10 Storm Grey
GAL11-S Silver Mist
GAL12-S Yellow Green
GAL13-S Olympic Blue
GAL14 Space Blue
GAL15 Oxford Blue
GAL16 Dark Navy Blue
GAL18 Denim Blue
GAL19 Royal Blue
GAL20 Shadow Gray
GAL21 Dark Gold-Olive
GAL22 Dark Brown-Gray
GAL23-S Pink Gold
GAL24 Aztec Gold
GAL25 Intense Bronze
GAL26-S Supreme Red
GAL27-S Mahogany Red
GAL29-HD Hunter Green
VCH401-S Crimson Red
VCH402N Velvet Blue
VCH403-S Concord Grape
VCH404-S Hot Pink
VCH405-S Emerald Green
VCH406-S Wild Orange
VCH408-S Golden Yellow
VCH410-S Gunmetal Grey
VCH411-S Silver Sage
VCH412-S Yellow Lime
VCH414-S Rose Gold
CG01-SH Supreme Black
CG02-SH White Coated
CG11-SH Tiffany Coated
CG12-SH Sunflower Coated
CG16-SH Slate Grey Coated
CG20-SH Battleship Grey Coated
CG21-SH Rolling Sea Coated
CG22-SH China blue Coated
CG23-SH Mossy Green Coated
CG24-SH Lava Orange Coated
CG25-SH Chelsea Rose Coated
CG26-SH Ivory Cream Coated
CG27-SH True Nardo Grey Coated
CG01 Black
CG01-HD Ultimate Black
CG02-HD White
CG03-HD Amazon Grey
CG04 Orange
CG05 Sky Blue
CG06-HD Racing Red
CG07 Pink Lace
CG11-HD Tiffany
CG12-HD Sunflower Yellow
CG13 Cardinal Red
CG14 Rock Blue
CG15 Titanium Gray
CG16-HD Slate Grey
CG17-S Rouge Red
CG18 Jungle Green
CG19-HD Millennial Pink
CG20-HD Battleship Grey
CG21-HD Rolling Sea
CG22-HD China Blue
CG23-HD Mossy Green
CG24-S Lava Orange
CG25-S Chelsea Rose
CG26-HD Ivory Cream
CG27-HD True Nardo Grey
CG28-S Yacht Blue
CG29-HD Khaki Green
CM01 Satin black
CM01M Black
CM01-MS Sandy Black
CM02 White
CM09 Military Green
BM01 Brushed Black
BM02 Brushed Titanium
BM03 Brushed Steel
MCH01 Purple Blue Aquamarine
MCH02 Ammolite Gem
MCH06 Cranberry Orange
MCH07 Caramel Yellow
MCH08 Frozen Berry
MCH09 Cobalt ocean
RCF03 Ceramic Carbon
RCF05 Ghost Black
RCF06 Ghost Green
RCF08 Gloss Forged Carbon
RCF08M Matte Forged Carbon
CHM01-S White Gold
CHM02-S Yellow Gold
CHM03-S Rose Gold
CHM04-S Cherry Red
CHM08-S Sapphire Blue
CHM09-S Amethyst
CHM10-S Steel Jet Black
CHM11-S Orange
CHM12-S Rose Pink
CHM13-S Green
CHM15-S Lime Green
CHM16-S Mint
CHM17-S Light Blue
CHM20-S Onyx Black

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    Brian D.
    United States

    Very good quality swatches.

    This will be a great help to my business moving forward. I have used teckwrap a few times on my own vehicles and the material is very easy to work with and looks amazing!!

    Osei B.
    United States United States

    Customer service and quality

    Matteo as far the Teckwrap CS team deserve all their kudos. The depth of color in their swatches is as high quality as their customer support and follow up.


    Teckwrap Main

    Thank you )

    Antonio A.
    Mexico Mexico

    Antonio alcantara

    Muy buena calidad ocupare mas material tengo mi negocio en baja california como puedo hacerle para compras mas material a buen precio?

    Michael S.
    United States United States

    Great Colors!

    We really like all of the colors in these books. Looking forward to ordering some rolls here soon.


    Teckwrap Main

    You are welcome ;)

    joshua b.
    United States United States

    Great Service Per Usual

    Accommodated my needs, and very happy to work with


    Teckwrap Main

    Thank you.

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    The images, colors, and finishes on screen are approximate. For the real representation of the product always check the color swatch. Rolls from the same production LOT number should be used for completing a wrap job as a slight batch to batch variation of color may occur.