Sample pack (New colors 2Q2020)


June 2020 release

The price includes worldwide shipping costs.

A5 sample pack includes:

HM13    Kermit Green (New)
CM01-MS    Sandy black (New)
VCH411-S    Silver Sage (New)
GAL11-S    Silver mist (New)
GAL18-S    Denim Blue (New)
GAL26-S    Supreme Red (New)
GAL29-S    Hunter Green (New)
CG03-S    Rainstorm Grey  (New)
CG20-S    Battleship grey (New)
CG21-S    Rolling sea (New)
CG22-S    China blue (New)
CG23-S    Mossy green  (New)
CG28-S    Yacht  blue (New)
CG01-HD    Ultimate Black (New)
CG03-HD    Amazon grey  (New)
CG22-HD    China blue (New)
CK202N    Ebony Sparkle (New)
RCF05    Ghost black (New)
RCF06    Ghost green (New)
BM01    Brushed black (New)
BM02    Brushed Titanium (New)
BM03    Brushed Steel (New)
RD11G    Rainbow Vortex  (New)
HM08G    Black Cherry Ice(New)
HM09G    Black gold(New)
HM10G    Burgundy black (New)
HM12G    Sonoma green (New)
DS03G    Silver Sunset (New)
DS04G    Azure Maya blue (New)
DS05G    Wild Heather (New)

    Delivery terms

    The goods are shipped on Incoterms DDU – Delivery Duty Unpaid. The payment for the goods doesn’t include taxes and duties. Please contact us if you need assistance in customs clearance. Customers from Germany and Italy require tax number.


    The images, colors, and finishes on screen are approximate. For the real representation of the product always check the color swatch. Rolls from the same production LOT number should be used for completing a wrap job as a slight batch to batch variation of color may occur.