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Chrome Installation

Chrome Features
• Sensitive material
• Thickness 110 micron
• Moderate adhesive
• Wet and dry installation
• Colors: White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Cherry Red, Sapphire Blue, Amethyst, Jet Black, Orange, Rose Pink, Green, Pink, Lime Green, Mint, Light Blue, Deep Sky Blue, Cedar Grey

Recommended Application tools
• High density felt squeegee
• Cutter (Knives with 30 and 45 degree blades).
• Professional temperature controllable heat gun
• Infrared Thermometer
• Gloves
• Felt block
• Towel

General Instructions
• Installation should always be performed in a controlled environment with a temperature range of 15℃ to 25℃.
• Application should never be performed in windy conditions or in direct sunlight. Keep the roll 24 hours in the place where it will be cut in order to climates the roll. Work with a cold film in a place with normal temperature can cause deformations on the film.
• Contamination such as road tar, grease, oil, wax, dirt, and bug residue should be removed by surface cleaning with automotive cleaner and wax (silicone) remover. Wipe down surface with isopropyl alcohol.
• Clean the surface with abrasive clay to remove the rest of contamination.
• Dry the surface with cloth or paper towel. Make sure that the surface, edges, corrugations, hollows and joints of the vehicle are completely dry. Carefully remove remaining humidity under rubber seals.

Mirror chrome application hints
• Prepare a "slip" solution in one of the spray bottles, by filling the bottle with 80% of windscreen washer fluid and 20% of liquid soap (HP 5.5). The mixture percentage may vary to 90% and 10%.
• Wet the cloth with slip solution and wipe the element right before installation to decrease stickiness of surface.
• Take off the protective liner before wrapping of element
• Lubricate the surface of film often with the "slip" solution when squeegeeing. This will prevent the squeegee from leaving marks and scratches on the surface of the film. Wet the squeegee felt buffer.
• Use at least two people to hold, stretch and lay down chrome material.
• Take off background liner gradually while wrapping an element.
• Do not heat material with heat gun or torch prior to installation. Heat must be used only on curved and concave areas. Limit heat to 40℃
• Keep the film at 30-40° angle to the surface. Gently slide squeegee. Try to prevent formation of air bubbles. Bubbles mostly tend to apper at curves and contours, so pay special attention to these areas

  • • Excessive stretching is not recommended. However, some gentle stretching may be required to fit some curves. We recommend to stretch less than 10%.
  • • Do not put up film fast and hard to avoid lines and deformations.
  • • On compound curves (mirrors, bumpers, etc.) we recommend wrapping in overlaps with pieces.

Post exploitation
1. Wait for 48 hours after installation before washing the car.
2. When using high-pressure sprayers, do not place the nozzle directly against the edge of the film, or lifting may occur.
3. Do not use any abrasive pads or harsh chemicals on the film.