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Automotive Market in Colombia

The Colombian economy has been growing strongly in the last decade, but it has been overheating with activity above the potential. This leads to challenges for the automotive market in the country. However, the Colombian government has been taking steps to promote the growth of this sector.

For instance, in 2020, the government announced a new investment guide for the automotive sector, which provides an analysis of Colombia's industrial capacity for manufacturing vehicles and auto parts, the institutional support capabilities supporting the sector, and the dynamics of local demand, as well as the sector's export potential. This guide could help attract more investment to the sector and boost its growth in the future.

Popular Car Brands in Colombia
In terms of the most popular car brands in Colombia, French multinational Renault leads the pack with approximately 49,370 units sold, followed by the American manufacturer Chevrolet with approximately 41,030 units sold.

Auto Shows in Colombia
There are several auto shows in Colombia. The International Auto Show 2024 is the most important annual showcase specializing in the automotive sector in Colombia. It is held in Bogota, Colombia, and is scheduled to take place in November 2024. The SALON DEL AUTOMOVIL S.E. is also big in Colombia, where you can find new car models, accessories, and services.

Overall, although the Colombian automotive market has been facing challenges due to the current economic situation, it shall continue to grow as the government attracts more investment in this field. Evolve together by transforming your car with beautiful vinyl wraps. If you are based in Colombia, reach our distributor now at


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