Basic Structure Vinyl

Many car lovers wrap to create a unique and head-turning look. In that case, the structure vinyl film is something you cannot miss. With a textured surface, a vehicle wrap made with a basic structure reflects a special sheen out of the three-dimensional effect, which makes it completely distinctive from other types of materials.

What Does TeckWrap Offer
TeckWrap structure vinyl is divided into two categories. They are basic structure and premium structure, presenting different visual impacts. For basic structure wrap, you can choose from carbon fiber vinyl or brushed film. Both offer you different options of colors.

Why Structure Vinyl
Unlike other vehicle wraps, our basic structure vinyl is stylish in a way that reveals a strong personality, making you the attention on the road. In the meantime, it is also quality-promising enough to protect your car paint from daily wear.

Make It an Add-on for Your Car
For those who love customization, it is a good idea to add a different type of vinyl to your finish and spice it up. Structure film is an excellent choice to do that. Partially wrap your vehicle sections with materials like carbon, and it will create an exceptional finish.

For more information about wrapping with a basic structure film and getting a perfect finish, please visit the wrap tips section at