Premium Structure Vinyl

Textured vinyl film can always be the attention on the road. But a monotonous style can become cliché. For someone who pursues after superior finish with top-quality personalization, TeckWrap premium structure vehicle wrap is what you cannot miss.

What is Premium Structure Vinyl
TeckWrap premium structure vinyl provides you with textured vinyl wraps that have a unique appearance compared to those traditional finishes. You can choose from high-class carbon fiber material revealing stylish patterns, and camouflage wrap film that adds charms to your ride.

Difference between Basic and Premium Structure Vinyl
Our basic structure material provides you with carbon fiber and brushed finishes with a moderate, classic look. However, for those who seek bold expression, the premium structure vinyl is a great option.

You can further create a decent customized vehicle with its natural and stylish patterns. The premium wrap material can make you a prominent look that draws attention, whether wrapping in full or partial.

What Does TeckWrap Offer
For premium structure vinyl, TeckWrap gives you a wide range of selections. There are more than ten options under the carbon fiber category in this series, presenting different appearances. As for camouflage wraps, we also have the most popular colors ready for you.

Scroll down to check through the series, order, and create your dream car today.