What Do You Know about Your Matte Film

Matte film has been some people’s favourite for its solid unique look. And many installers love it, too, as it is fairly easy to apply for the most parts. If you have read our previous articles and know the properties of other films, you will know how difficult it is to apply a wrap which it is directional or textured. But matte film is not like that, so you don’t have to worry about the direction and pattern while installing.

In fact, to some extent, it is a little bit like gloss film. Especially when you cut it into sections, you will realize they are the same in terms of how economical and stress free they both are. For example, if you have a car that is 20 yards, 18 yards of matte is probably enough to cover it if you do it properly.

But in other ways, matte film can also be a little more difficult than a standard gloss film to put on, because it is sensitive to scratches and dirt. And your hands can leave oily marks on it if you forget to clean them. Once it gets dirty, it is super hard to clean up and maintain.

So definitely bear this in mind, especially when you have to apply a white matte film. You might think this point is more about after care for your clients, you do need to pay attention while applying, too. To avoid scratches, we recommend you to use your squeegee with a great buffer, which ideally is made of fabric. In this way, you can use it with soapy water as well.

Actually most matte films are laminated, so if your film does scratches, you can go over the wrap with your heat gun. The film will then self heal and go back to its original shape. Remember only heat gun only! If you used a torch, it will gloss the film, and once it is glossy, you cannot change anything.

Also, DO NOT overstretch your film, although it is pretty much stress free. If the film is overstretched, it will become shiny. And again, you cannot do anything about it then. But despite all these points, matte film is truly a fairly easy wrap to put on. If the difficulty of putting on a gloss film is one out of 10, then matte should be between two and three. Just be careful when it comes to the points above, and you shall be fine!
What Do You Know about Your Matte Film